Our trees are the lungs of the city, and not only do they beautify our homes, but they also constitute a growing asset to our properties.

Tree Care

DNS Landscaping has been trimming trees in San Antonio for 16 years. We specialize in high risk tree/branch removals as well as in directional trimming away from homes. We have been part of the hurricane relief for the past 8 years and have acquired ample experience in trimming and removing trees.

Another area of expertise is our oak tree sculpting which accents the natural beauty of the native and stately oak tree. We do so following safety and environmental guidelines to keep our workers safe and your trees healthy by sealing cuts.

For Tree Trimming and Pruning, Directional Trimming, Bracing Branches, Deep Root Feeding, Micro Injections, Microizhae Inoculation, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Lot Clearing, Brush Haul, Demossing, Canopy Lifting, Roof Line Clearing, and More

  • Proper care and trimming of trees is not something that should be done by anyone who can climb a tree, but by someone who has the experience and knowledge to do so well and safely.
  • 1. Tree demosing
  • 2. Tree Trimming
  • 3. Directional trimming
  • 4. Canopy lifting
  • 5. Roof line clearance
  • 6. Branch bracing
  • 7. Deep root feeding
  • 8. Micro injections
  • 9. Microrizhae inoculation
  • 10. Tree Removal. Specializing in high risk.
  • 11. Stump removal
  • 12. Lot clearing
  • 13. Brush haul off/ mulching

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