Water conservation is a responsibility for each and every one of us.


Specializing in Sprinkler Repairs and troubleshooting, DNS Landscaping has the latest electronic equipment necessary to diagnose any malfunction in your sprinkler system. From tracing the path of a cut wire to finding out what is wrong with a valve, we can diagnose and fix your problem. With prices way below our competition, we can repair valves, broken sprinkler heads, find and fix leaks, replace controller units, or simply test and adjust your system, all on the first visit.

We must do our best to conserve our short supply of water for our generations to come. We have solutions for conserving water and maintaining a beautiful landscape without overusing water through a well planned irrigation system.

  • 1. Irrigation system complete new installation
  • 2. Area addition to existing system
  • 3. Valve location and wire tracing
  • 4. Valve changes
  • 5. Broken pipes, sprinklers or underground leaks.
  • 6. Specializing in Troubleshooting diagnostics
  • 7. Sprinkler alignment and optimization
  • 8. Fertilizer injection systems

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